Edge-E - Modbus Electric Floor Heating Thermostat


SKU: Heatmiser Edge - E

Heatmiser edge-e is our 230v Electric Floor Heating Thermostat with Modbus Connectivity. 

Heatmiser edge-e offers a great upgrade route for those with an existing dial thermostat or for those looking to measure the temperature remote from the thermostat

All to often thermostats are installed in a less than convenient place, resulting in the building being too warm or too cold. With edge-e, a single or multiple Wireless Air Sensors can be paired to the thermostat. When multiple sensors are used, the average temperature is calculated and is perfect for larger open plan properties.

In addition to the wireless air sensor, a wireless window/door switch can be paired to the edge-e Thermostat, automatically switching the heating to Standby Mode whilst the window/door is open and then returning to normal mode when the window/door is closed.

The Heatmiser edge-e can operate in Thermostat or Timer mode.  When operating in Thermostat mode, the edge can be paired to our Wireless Air Sensor where a number of options are available.

  • Built in Air Sensor Only
  • Built In Air and Wireless Air Temperature Averaging
  • Single Remote Wireless Air Sensor Only
  • Multiple Remote Wireless Sensors Averaging

A Wireless Door/Window Switch can be paired to the Heatmiser edge, automatically switching the heating off when the window or door is opened.