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120sqm UFH 6 Zone Kit - Heatmiser Digital Controls


SKU: 120SQM - Heatmiser Digital Controls

120sqm Water Underfloor Heating 6 Zone or Room Kit - Heatmiser Digital Thermostats and Wiring Centre

 Complete Manifold Kit with flow meters, temperature gauge and Pressure Gauge and pre-mounted onto installation bracket.
Grundfos UPM3 Pump ('A' rated, 2017 latest model, Eup/Erp Ready, with a Temperature Control Mixing Unit.

16mm - 5 Multilayer Pipe (50 years warranty)

Edge insulation to be used around the edge of room.

Pipe Cutter.

Pipe Staple Clips, compatible with tracker gun or use manually to clip.

Euroconus Connectors to connect pipe to manifold.

Temperature Gauge and Pressure Gauge comes with the Manifold.

Supplied pre-mounted on installation brackets
Connections are euroconus and a range of fittings are available to suit most UK pipe sizes

Usual working temperature 82C

Working temperature 105 C

Working pressure 3 bar

Test pressure 10 bar
Easy Fitting
Manufactured to highest standards to meet all UK and EU standards
Pipe with 50 years warranty

Pump Pack - Grundfos Pump with Mixer Blending Valve 
  • Grundfos A-rated Pump UPM3(brand new, 2017 latest model), EuP/ErP Ready.
  • Mixer Set Blending Valve
  • Thermostatic control the flow temperature of water to the underfloor heating pipe.
  • Temperature range: 35C - 65C
  • Max working pressure: 10 bar
  • Compression type connections for ease of installation
Each Kit is supplied with Heatmiser Digital Thermostats,Wiring Centres
& Emmeti Thermal Actuators
1 Emmeti actuator per zone
1 x Heatmiser Wiring Centre per kit
1 x Heatmiser Digital Thermostat per zone

 6 zone kit = 1 Heatmiser Wiring Centre,6 Heatmiser Slimline Digital Thermostats & 6 Emmeti Actuators