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2 Port RWC Underfloor Manifold & Pump Set


SKU: 450502p

2 Port Under floor Heating manifold supplied with an A Rated Grundfos pump control pack to comply with building regulations)

Stainless Steel manifolds for use in under floor heating systems. These consist of two manifold bars, one for the flow and one for the return, complete with ball valves and drain/filling valves. On the flow bar each port has a flow indicator, with isolator including an easy-to-read gauge glass. Each port on the return bar is equipped with an integral control valve and protection cap which allows the user to adjust the volume of water, or can be removed to accept a thermoelectric type head.


  • Supplied pre mounted on installation brackets.
  • Valves on the return manifold accept a thermoelectric type head for remote control of each zone.
  • 1” ball valves and filling and draining-off points are included.
  • Connections are Eurononus and a wide range of fittings are available to suit most UK pipe sizes.
  • Isolating flow indicators on the flow manifold.


  • Body 302 stainless Steel
  • Connection Size – 1” FBSP
  • Working pressure – 0 to10 bar
  • Max Temperature – 120 deg C

Euroconus adaptors supplied with this listing. Please select your pipe size from the drop down menu above.

Underfloor Heating Pump Mixer Set

Compact bolt on unit providing quick and simple installation with no extra brackets

To provide controlled mixed temperature water to underfloor heating systems with a heat output up to 14kW

Easy set up within the adjustable range of 35oC to 65oC

Controls flow temperature to +/- 2oC even with changing boiler flow and return temperatures

The control pack consists of a mixing valve, circulating pump, return elbow, manifold adaptor and all necessary seals.

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